PCJ Vol.3 No.1 (October 2008)

An Official Publication of the Computing Society of the Philippines, Inc. 
ISSN 1908-1995

Founded in 2005, the Philippine Computing Journal is published by the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP), Inc.
It appears twice yearly and publishes original peer-reviewed papers on computing (including computer science, computational science and engineering, information and communication technology, computer science education, and allied disciplines).   

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 Volume 3                   October 2008                   Number 1

Henry Adorna
Some Descriptional Complexity Problems in Finite Automata Theory
pp 1-6 

Henry Adorna, Nestine Hope S. Hernandez,
Rex Davis D. Lorenzo
On Unambiguous Nondeterministic Finite Automata and the Strict Tree Property
pp 7-12 

Eliezer A. Albacea
Algorithms Research: Finding a Problem
pp 13-17 

Richard Bryann L. Chua, Jaime D.L. Caro
Competitive Online Scheduling with Fixed Number of Queues
pp 18-25 

Jaime D.L. Caro, Hans Riyono Ho
Permutation Routing and Gossiping on the Graph G(n,k) of the Johnson Scheme
pp 26-32 

Felix P. Muga II
Base-k Representation of Rational Numbers
pp 33-39 

Henry Adorna, Alvin Nino Aragon,
Paul John A. Cabral
On Integer Sequences Induced by the Collatz Problem
pp 40-45