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Founded in 2005, the Philippine Computing Journal is published by the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP), Inc.
It appears twice yearly and publishes original peer-reviewed papers on computing (including computer science, computational science and engineering, information and communication technology, computer science education, and allied disciplines).   

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 Volume 6                      May 2011                      Number 1

Tobias Momke
Structural Properties of Hard Problem Instances
pp 1-8

Vena Pearl Bongolan, Jinquiao Duan,
George Skountrianos
Scalar Transport an Oscilliatory Velocity Field Evolving Under Boundary Noise
pp 9-16

Kelvin Cui Buno, Richelle Ann B. Juayong,
Henry N. Adorna 
Communication Complexity of dP Automata Accepting
{ (ac)s(bd)s | s≥0 }
pp 17-26

Rene P. Felix, Ma. Lailani B. Walo
Factoring a Stabilizer Subgroup in a Symmetry Group
pp 27-33

Richelle Ann B. Juayong, Henry N. Adorna
Communication Complexity of EC P Systems with Energy and Sevilla Carpet
pp 34-40

Michael Daniel V. Samson
A Numenclature Scheme for Permutations of the Set of Natural Numbers
pp 41-47

Danny F. Wuysang, Henry N. Adorna
Formal Specification of Electronic Ballot Transmission Protocol in the Applied Pi-Calculus
pp 48-57

Nellie Margaret S. Chua, Demi Rose P. Tinay,
Danielle Erika Y. Ureta, Angela Faye C. Chua,
Solomon L. See
Multi-Touch Haptic Gesture Recognition from Examples
pp 58-63

Michelle Marie C. Dagami, Bao Guo, Mark Berlon Pating,
Thea Faye G. Guia, William Bernard S. Leonor,
Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo
Determining the Precursors of Boredom

Audrey C. Garais, Gabrielle Ira M. Tan,
Danny F. Wuysang, Henry N. Adorna
Verifying Privacy-Type Properties of an Electronic Voting Protocol that uses Identity Based Cryptography
pp 70-81

Kevin Chris Marcelo, Daniel Lachica, Jr.,
Jose Luis Roberto Asuncion, Daniela Marie Delgado,
Michelle Lee Moscatel, Ma. Rowena Solamo,
Rommel Feria
Design and Implementation of Academic Networking in an Integrated Personal Learning Environment and Electronic Portfolio Assessment Management System
pp 82-88