PCJ Vol.6 No.2 (December 2011)

An Official Publication of the Computing Society of the Philippines, Inc. 
ISSN 1908-1995

Founded in 2005, the Philippine Computing Journal is published by the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP), Inc.
It appears twice yearly and publishes original peer-reviewed papers on computing (including computer science, computational science and engineering, information and communication technology, computer science education, and allied disciplines).   

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 Volume 6                  December 2011                 Number 2


Invited Papers:

Arthur C. Graeser, Sidney K. D’Mello,
Amber C. Strain
Computer Agents that Help Students Learn with Intelligent Strategies and Emotional Sensitivity
pp 1-8

Ryan S.J.d. Baker
Gaming the System: A Retrospective Look
pp 9-13


Katrina Ysabel Solomon, Avelino Alejandro Latorre, Juan Paolo Tensuan, Jocelyn Cu, Merlin Suarez
Modelling Spontaneous Affect using Continuous Data
pp 14-20

Jocelyn Cu, Gwenabel Marie Caronan,
Calvin Enriquez, Yao Tien Huang,
Samuel Bernard Sia, Merlin Suarez 
Facial Expressions with AAM
pp 21-25

Jocelyn Cu, Christopher Galvan, David Manangan, Michael Sanchez, Jason Wong, Merlin Suarez
Audiovisual Affect Recognition in Spontaneous Filipino Laughter
pp 26-30

Thea Faye G. Guia, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo,
Michelle Marie C. Dagami, Jessica O. Sugay,
Francis Jan P. Macam, Antonija Mitrovic
Transition of AffectiveStates in an Intelligent Tutoring System
pp 31-35

Thor Collin S. Andallaza, Rina Joy M. Jimenez
Design of an Affective Agent for Aplusix
pp 36-41 

Jonathan Jason King Li, Tricia Angela Monsod,
Paul Julian Hao, Gabriel Luis Matias,
Joshua Rex Cheng, Nicole Guloy 
Towards the Development of an Affect-Sensitive Game
pp 42-47

Jocelyn Cu, Geraldine Ablaza, Jannah Del Barrio,
Charo Musni, Kedren Villena, Merlin Suarez
Framework for an Emphathic Filipino Embodied Conversational Agent for an Intelligent Tutoring System
pp 48-52

Jessica O. Sugay, Francis P. Macam, Thomas T. Dy,
Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo
Exploring a System for Automatically Detecting Driver Anxiety in a Virtual Racing Game
pp 53-58